Sep 18
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That's My Mom

Ms. School Board Chair. You must know her-oh, you do? Did you see her teaching kids tennis? No? Then wasn’t it at school, did she welcome you on your way in? Did she help you with your academics, get you on the soccer team? Watching your sports game? Saw her at graduation? Or did she come to your house just to say hi to your family and meet all your siblings? Maybe all of them? Oh, then I guess you just know her to be the best mom in the world. Speaking of which, did she tell you how amazing her kids are--wait, oops wrong one. Did her kids tell you how lucky they are to have her? She’s kind, she knows everyone. She cool. “ I love how dedicated she is to every kid in BUrlington, whether she knows them or not.” She has 5 million jobs yet she always has the time to come over and say hi. Well, more than hi, how was your day? Do you like your classes? How are sports going for ya? This is what kids think. You probably don't know but in middle school nowadays stuff like that doesn’t just get said. Especially not to someones mom if anyone. This women is my mom also known as a living superhero.
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