Sep 19

a falling star

we used to live for the way nothing lasted forever.
it kept us on our toes,

contemplating our hopes and dreams.

you were
single lines of poetry
scribbled into battered notebooks.
late at night.

sometimes before i fall asleep
i remember your eyes 
the color of coffee, a splash of milk. 

i still remember the plans we made
the people we swore we'd be forever.
the places we said we'd go.

if things were different,
maybe we would still appreciate 
the beautiful forgotten things
the world has left behind.

maybe you'd still remember my name. 

but all we have left are
rolling storm clouds
an empty notebook
a map of the city
an abondoned train station
a falling star. 

we were right all along.
nothing could really last forever. 

our hopes and dreams have faded away.