Sep 20

His Portrait

His eyes had always calmed my soul before the storm arose. His smile could light up the earth when the sun faded out. His hair was like milk chocolate brown waves, short but curling.  When laughing it felt as if everything in the world was okay. His kindness and gentleness could nurture all living beings. When he spoke it was as if he was connecting with your emotions when around him. Because he was a lot older he would act so mature around everyone but myself, then he would be a goofball with me.  I can remember he had a habit of looking at you when he spoke, he would always be comforting and gentle when I was manic, he has the best sense of humor no matter the situation. I fell in love with all of his flaws, with his personality, his smile and humor, and all of his perfections. If he read this I would be so dead.