Sep 21
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Weekly Writing Challenge Week 2 The Doc

I heard my aunt and father fighting about what to do in the kitchen.

“Oh great” I thought, “I needed cheering up but this doesn’t help me at all”. I decided that I should find a nice place outside, and I knew the exact place to go. Where my mother and I used to hang out. The only private doc in town. So I sneekly opened the door and ran as fast as I could to the sandy enclosed beach my mother's family owns, fifteen miles away from my house.

Once I finally reached my destination I plopped down and sat there at the dock, watching the sun set. Finally I was away from my crazy life for a while. Honestly it was the most peaceful moment I’ve had so far this week. I wish it could have stayed that way. Just sitting, watching the day fade away. I wish I could have just sat there, not thinking about how horrible my life had been since that stupid plague started. Not thinking about how my mother had died of it, and my best friend and so many others. I guess it’s a good thing they quarantined the place. So no one else would have to go through that pain. A pity though. My hometown is a beautiful place. Where many people come to vacation, to get away from reality and have a peaceful life. None of them would have guessed that this place could have been the founder of a deadly sickness. They wouldn’t have guessed that they would get trapped in a quarantine there, not knowing if they would survive to go back home. No, none of them would have. Not even the native islanders would have known. I guess that’s just life. Spontaneous. Dangerous, yet fun. Life just has its moments, its ups and downs. You can’t enjoy the ups if you don’t have any downs. Maybe, if your life is full of downs, then someday, you’ll have nothing but ups and you would enjoy life and be happy.

    “Wow” I said to myself aloud. “I guess the plague has taught me a lesson. Lets just hope that the up I’m looking for will come quickly”. That’s what I hoped, it’s not likely that’ll happen for me though. It’s like I’m cursed, but even cursed people could find ups in there lives. Right? I hope. Now that I think about it, I’ve hoped and wished a lot of things during this adventure. How much longer till I don’t have to hope and wish and look very hard for a happy place?

    The sun had almost set when my aunt found me. I guess they finished their “conversation”.

    “Now young lady” she said between huffs and puffs. “It’s time to go home”. Sadly, I got up, wishing I could have stayed longer. Once I turned around and started following my aunt, she added “Oh and never, ever do that again. We were worried sick”. How she ended it got me into a depressing mood again and I almost had the urge to run back to the dock and pretend nobody but me existed. That there wasn’t anything like sickness or pain or sadness. Oh well, I guess that’s just life. Its ups and downs. Teaching everybody a different lesson.