Sep 21
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The Day my Life Changed Forever

Abby slammed the door to her house and ran out to the dock at their lake house. She collapsed and started to feel tears coming to her eyes. She couldn't believe what her mom had just told her. Her father has cancer and he has had it for awhile so he doesn't have much time. As she sat on the dock crying she started to feel very angry. Angry at her mom and dad for not telling her sooner and angry at the world for making her life go like this. She just wanted to go back to two hours ago when she had not known any of this. She just wished that her dad wasn't going to die. Abby started to cry even harder. She sat out on the dock for what felt like hours crying until she didn't have any tears left. Her mother came out to the dock to see if she was okay. Abby was suddenly really angry at her mom for not telling her about her dad's cancer, so she started screaming at her mom and telling her to leave her alone and never talk to her again. She had so much anger about her dad getting cancer and she didn't have anywhere to direct it, so she took it all out on her mom. Abby's mom let her scream at her and say nasty things about her until Abby's voice was scratchy and she had no more tears left to cry. Then her mother carried her inside and out her to bed. Abby lied awake in her bed for hours trying not to think about the fact that her dad was going to die.

The next morning Abby woke up and got out of her bed and started doing her morning routine when she had realized what happened last night and what her mom had told her. She felt a wave of sadness come over her and she went to go lie back in her bed. Her dad was in canada for the weekend for work so she wouldn't be able to see him for another day. She had so many questions about when her dad had found out about it and what type it was. But all Abby wanted to do was to be able to fix it and make her dads cancer disappear. She decided that she would go ask her mom more about since she had not been able to last night. When she got in the kitchen her mom was making breakfast which really surprised since her mom never cooked because she didn't really know how. Her mom noticed she was there and told her that she was making pancakes and bacon and she should come eat. Abby had never seen her on make pancakes or cook bacon in her life so she was very surprised when she tasted them and they were actually good. Then Abby started asking her mom more about her dad's cancer. Her mom said that it was stage four and her dad had refused treatment because it would have just made him really sick and the cancer was to far for the treatment to help him. Her mom also told her that her dad didn't tell her because he couldn't handle it. He didn't want to see the look in her eyes or see what happened last night when her mom told her. She said that he wanted her to tell me when he wasn't here so that's why she told had told me yesterday because her dad was in Canada. Abby understood why her dad didn't want to tell her but would have still wanted to hear it from him.

She didn't want to talk to her dad on the phone about it so she decided she would wait until he got game tomorrow. She was gonna try to keep herself as busy as possible all day today so she could keep her mind off it. She had plans to go shopping with her friends but she wasn't really the mood to be with anybody right now so she exted her friends telling them she couldn't go and decided to go shopping by herself. She took her mom's car downtown and started looking around in the stores. She found that she couldn't really smile like she usd to she just was sad and she couldn't think about anything else except for her dad's cancer.

The next day she woke up and rushed out of bed to see if her dad was home yet. When she got out to the kitchen she saw him sitting at the counter drinking coffee. Abby said her dads name and he turned around and gave her a big smile. Abby could feel tears coming to her eyes as she started to run to give her dad a big hug. Her dad whispered in her ear that he was sorry. In that moment she felt safe and that everything was gonna be okay and she never wanted to leave her dad's arms.
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