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the dock boy

Giotto Lykourgos was alone, walking to the dock.  He just lost a loved one.

Someone really close to him.

He doesn't want to think about it.

But that's the only thing that he can think about.  

He just lost his brother.

His only friend.

His best friend.

His brother Claudio Lykourgos was only 15.

It was his Birthday!

Giotto was filled with mixed feeling.  

His older brother by one year had just died.

They way he died was he got hit by a truck while trying out his new bike he had just gotten.

Why did life have to be so hard.

Giotto was now crying.

It started raining.

He could feel the waves smash into the dock.

His parents were at the house morning the loss.

He couldn't talk to anyone, He just missed his brother so much.  

Then Giotto heard a noise in the water he looked up.

It was his brothers ghost on the lake he was yelling help.

Giotto jumped into the water to try and saved him.

Then he felt something grab onto his legs.  He got pulled under.

He tried to scream but his lungs filled with water.

He panicked and started choking he couldn't get free.

Then it all went black.

He woke up he could feel rocking.

He realized he’s in a boat and is chained to a wall.

He can't see much, but he can smell a foul odor.

He looks at the floor and sees feces.

He couldn't bear the stench and passed out.

Then woke up on the dock. His mom shaking him and there is an ambulance.

He's got puts into the ambulance.

He passes out again.

He wakes up in the hospital and it turns out he's schizophrenic nothing at actually happened.'s picture
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