Sep 21
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After You're Dead

After You’re Dead

After you’re dead, we all ponder what happens.  
Alice thought she wouldn't die so young, especially not as fast as she did when someone pushed her off that great towering cliff and into the water.

But now she saw her body from afar, and no one had showed up yet, as she thought. Maybe if I yell someone will notice me, she thought hopelessly. She tried her luck, but only ended up giving herself a sore throat.

After a while of roaming the hills and mountains of Colorado with her newfound speed, she saw an odd opening in a cliff that was glowing a bright red. She flew silently forward and through the opening, but got sucked in at the last second, and she spiraled through a whirlwind of colors and tumbled out of a circular entrance and into a crowd of people.

Oh wait, she thought, they’re dead people and animals. It all made no sense. She should not have died, at least not yet. But she was dead.

By Cha’alle Weir

September 18, 2018

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