Sep 26
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The Scream

I entered into the abandoned mental hospital. All alone. I opened the door and it made a loud creaking noise which made me jump. I started to sweat. I was very nervous. I walked into a bedroom. I looked at the bed: the bed was torn with a dark red stain. I sat there and stared at the sight. I thought about the people who must have been tortured here. A cold shiver slid down my spine. I left the room quickly after that.

I walked down the stairs not knowing where I was going. When I reached the bottom a feeling of someone looking at me fell upon me. I flashed my flashlight and soon my mind flooded with fear: This was the torture room. I heard a dripping noise. I was coming from behind me. I turned and what happened next terrified me. All of a sudden a bloody scream came out of nowhere. “Help me!” those were the words that I last heard.