Sep 28
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My name is Tobin Durham I am five foot ten inches and my favorite color is neon green. I am very skinny so I only whey 108 pounds. My hair is brown and about two inches long. I have a big nose that narrows down significantly as it nears my forehead so my eyes don't look overly far apart. Speaking of my eyes, they are blue on the outside of the retina and gradually turn to yellow as they near the pupil. My eyes are then framed by long eyelashes and standard length eyebrows. My mouth is like a lot of other mouths out there, it is pretty normal. I use it to eat and talk and that's it. All this sits on a normal length, slender neck.
In terms of personality, I talk a lot and always have a response for whatever you say. I am not shy whatsoever and am always happy to share ideas with others.
The two things that I like to do the most are, running and skiing. I am very mechanically minded so naturally I like to work on engines and other mechanical things. I love engineering and have always been fascinated with airplanes. I even built my own RC airplane from scratch.

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