Oct 12
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Young writers project

By samuel corti
    A guitar player walked up to me on the street and ask me what sets me apart. What I think makes me me is my personality and what I like to do. So some of the things that I like to do is running. I do cross county and Indoor and outdoor track. I also like to fish. Another thing I like to do is ski.

I like to do indoor and outdoor track and running in general. I’ve ran with a lot of cool people all of them are friend or family. One kid I am trying to catch is Tobin Durham he is a friend. He skis and runs competitively. I also ski but I don’t do it competitively. So I did indoor track as a middle schooler for two reasons one to keep running because I knew I wouldn’t run if I didn’t. I’ve cut big chunks out of my time by doing it so I will still do it in High school. Cross country is harder though because there is nothing over the summer so people won’t exercise so the are out of shape for the Fall sport season.

Fishing is fun because we could leave school and learn more out on the water than in school. It is a lot like running in a way because you could have a good day a great day or a terrible or bad day just like running. With running in competition you could run a PR or run ten minute over or PR. or with fishing you could catch ten fish or get skunked and not catch any fish.  



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