Oct 14
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Beautiful and unusual
You, a moonshine monster
Open your lips to the heavens
And tell me which it is you dread more
As you howl out your solemn question
Is it the echo or the answer?
Would you rather know that you are alone
Or live wondering what is out there?

I will live as a map on your wall
That you fill with red pushpins and stickers
Marking all of the places you have dreamt of
From the back of a pickup truck in September
On the nights that you barely remember living
Filled with good company and crisp autumn air
Take me with you wherever you go
Whether to the edge of town or the end of the world.

So tell me is this a simple seasonal change?
Or are the trees truly catching fire?
The leaves drift so easily to the ground
While I always seem to fall much harder
Bare branches are all you seem to see
No nuance, no heart to the picture
No need for disguises on Halloween
If you will let me live to see October.

Snowflakes fall and collect on the ground
Burrying the taste and feel of summer
Frozen landscapes etched into the horizon
The unforgiving permanence of November
A blanket and a bottle to keep you warm
A photograph you hope never to remember
Tonight the moon is entirely invisible
But the stars will always be there.

I swear there are times I wish I had not met you
Knowing how hard you will be to forget
I hold you in the creases of my palm
Untouchable within my iron fist
A garden sprouts between my fingers
With nothing but moonlight to nurture it
These are the outcomes I must consider
Before I answer your haunting question.