Oct 15

Everyday About Us ( PT 2)

Only 1 or 2 more parts to come. Enjoy!

I realize that he called me by my nickname. I turn to yell at him but he’s already pulling out of the parking lot, alone. I finish my shift, grab my bag, and head to school. When I go inside i put my board into my locker and head into my first class, on my way i hear some girls talking about how one of them got laid and i roll my eyes.  I sit down at my desk alone and wait. I realized that twenty minutes had passed and we had no teacher so we walked out into the hallway, it seemed like no one had a teacher today. There was no staff member in sight so everyone cheered and before I knew it everyone was leaving. I grabbed my board and went out the South Wing exit, that's normally where all the drug addicts were and there were no cameras out that wing so everyone got away with everything.

As soon as I started skating downtown I saw some kids heading to the club and I realized that I had never been there outside of working so I lean and turn directions, the breeze almost felt like the sea breeze over at Chesapeake Boardwalk, not to far away. I stop and debate going there instead but I pickup my board and head inside. Everyone from earlier was there except the soccer team. I ask Graham why he was open and he said that it was because the teachers were on strike and he knew everyone would leave school as soon as they found out.

The club isn’t small, and very hard to maintain. The building is three stories high, but under the interstate bridge system. Everything under the system is abandoned and that’s how Graham found out that he inherited this building. He transformed it into a club but no adults wanted to come here so he let out on SpaceMag, our secret social media app, that there was a new teen hot spot, and that's how this place came to be. I got a job here at the beginning of last summer, almost a year ago next month, and ever since I have gotten a job here my parents seem to care less and less where I am now a days, but as of right now I am supposed to be grounded from working because I kept sneaking out. I am still sneaking out so I can work but thats different. I don't need the money, my dads the best lawyer on the east coast and is a multi-millionaire. But I keep the job to fend for myself because my stepmom is crazy and is trying to convince my dad to take me out of his will.

My dad is a good guy with good intentions. He’s in his 40’s with silver hair and owns a Corvette. I have a car too, a Bugatti Veyron. I just choose not to drive it. I prefer my board. It gives me exercise because I don't play sports. It’s not that I’m lazy. I just don't like playing on a team with other people.

I snap out of my thought session with someone tapping me on the shoulder, again. I turn once again to see Brent, looking down at the ground and he looks like he’s trying to form words but he is flustered.

“ Brent?”

“ Hey, um, I uh. I have a question.. Would you… no umm.. Do you want to hang out today, I mean there's no school, and you aren’t working tonight, not that I pay attention to your schedule…. But uhhh.”

“ Yes I will hang out with you, but you have to answer this first.”

He perks right up and asks, “ Wait. Really? Okay.. what is it?”

“I want to know how you know I’m off tonight.” I said looking him in the eye.

“ Oh, I uh, I asked Graham.” he said as he turned and pointed at a shape peeking around the corner. When Graham saw our gaze he gave us the thumbs up which made me laugh. I agree and he told me to get my board and he payed for our drinks.

We walked over to his car and I put my skateboard in the trunk.

He asked where i wanted to go and I shrugged. “ The shore is not far.” I add. He looked at me and laughed. I guess he’s just flirting but I can’t jump out of a moving car.

We pull up into an empty spot but looking around all of them are empty. Brent jumps out as i unbuckle and runs to open my door. I step out and I can feel the breeze against my face, salty like the water yet misty.