Oct 17
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The New Mascot of Jupiter's Sixtythird Moon

Hi, I’m Liam and I’m appawently the scawiest creature on Jupiter’s sixtyferd moon. I’m supposedly the last living Lagamorph. The weason the rest of my species is gone is because my species are “cwiminals”  because we stole food to survive so we were hunted down and captured. The reason I’m supposedly the scawiest creature on Jupiters sixtyferd moon is because I only eat berries that stain my long teeth red, so everyone thinks I’m rabid. I’ve been trying to come up with a way to persuade them that I’m not dangerous, but I can’t even approach them without them screaming and running away. One day a little boy was walking through the woods I live in and didn’t see me, so I put my cutest face on and started whining. He saw me and said, “puppy!” and ran towards me. I started making an adorable noise that I didn’t even know I could make, when he started scratching behind my ears. I soon learned his name was Otto and I drew my name in the dirt so he learned that my name was Liam. He told me he was a stowaway from Earth because it had always been his dream to come to Jupiter sixtyferd moon. His father had studied it and Otto had found it fascinating. Every day Otto would come to my hideout and play with me. Eventually he took his friend to see me and we grew close, too. Soon half the town started visiting me and then the best part came along; I got to live in someone’s house! I was passed along and I would stay in a different house each night and it was lovely. Soon I was named mascot of the town and was loved all around.
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