Oct 20
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Ink on her skin
Fire in her veins
But it was the look in her eyes
That gave her away
She gets what she wants
Without any debate
You could count her lovers
But they are one and the same.

Show me that her youth is only temporary
And that I am no different from her
Blame it on what each of us was wearing
Say we got what we deserved.
What kind of girl would walk the streets alone?
The both of us should know better
Than to feel safe in our own homes
Than to be unafraid of the dark.

His fingernails left crescent moons
Glaring bright red against my pale forearm
Her scars blended in with her tatoos
While mine live on-- a constant reminder
Remorse and rumors surround us two
With neither of us knowing of the other
Complicit in a crime we did not choose
Silent in what makes us similar.

Tell her that she is far too pretty
To be at a bar all alone
Tell me that I should have thought
Before I went out running without my phone
Tell her that her tatoos make her look 'easy'
Tell me I should not wear shorts in June
Tell us whatever you need to hear
To believe that there is nothing that you can do.

If I could tell you how it felt
If she could make you understand
That this is what we mean when we say
That it is hard to be a woman
Because you write us off so easily
With a harsh word and a wave of your hand
Call us sluts or ignorant teens
And resent us for our resillience.

Me and her have nothing in common
Nothing except for people like you
The fear that it might happen again
Solidarity in unspoken, undeniable truths
We would not choose to be the victims
In the center of this dispute
But sometimes you have to make sacrifices
​Because it can happen to anyone... even you.