Oct 20

Running from Thunder

Thunder rumbles in the distance
And I look up confused, it was sunny just a minute ago.
Dark clouds come closer and
Lightning flashes cause the clouds to look angrier.

The rain starts and
I turn away and run.
At a full sprint the rain feels like knives on my skin.
Tears start to come up and I try to push them down
But it is to late they pour down like rivers.

I am splashing through every puddle and with
Each time I get little more wet.

My long hair slaps my back every step I take.
My Heart is a constant drum beating on my chest
My lungs are in so much pain that breathing seems impossible
My legs are getting too weak to carry me.

How much further will I be able to go?
Not much is what I decide on, right before
I collapse.
You can not run away from THUNDER.