Oct 26

Fall Changes Of Human

  As the seasons tick by, everyone notices the differences as Autumn creeps up. The wind starts to blow, hair begins to flow and the leaves appear to become more vibrant before they fall. Though in our town, Fall appears differently. On the twenty first of september, the new adjustment to life starts to arrive. The first night of every fall on the twenty first, it rains from precisely eleven pm to  twelve am. The downpour of rain contains enchanted magic that allows the season to begin. When everyone wakes in the morning, they see the fascinating work the magic created. As you wake up, you smell the aroma of sweet pumpkins and cinnamon. Though, you can also smell the wet leaves from the night before. One the first day, everyone relives the dream they had the night before, even if it gave you a fright. Everyone is in their own bubble, disconnected from everyone else. There is only one rule to the lucid dreams stage, you have to stay alive. Think of Fall as a game, controlled by your self conscious. You have to survive the dream or else you become a pawn, and become dominated. If you thrive through the delusion, you become kings and queens and control the pawns. You decide what they look like, how they act, what they want, and how they live. Some people are gracious and make others look like Beyonce and become famous actors, others are not so compassionate. Players will turn your hair green, make your teeth crooked, and cause you to have three eyes. This apparel lasts until the first snowfall, where the pumpkins freeze up, and the magic washes away. Everyone counts down until next year, and waits for the next seasons mystery’s to arrive.
About the Author: Haven Steiner
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