Oct 26

Middle School

Standing in front of the doors,
Wearing the white Converse that don't fit right
My hair burned into curls, 
Yet I still don't feel right.

Walking through the halls,
Glaring spotlights of glances and whispers
Never take a step wrong,
Like a massive game of Twister.

"She's so fat.", "She's too thin!",
Just some of the words heard through this din.
My feet are blistering, hair becoming flat
Feeling like people think that I look like a rat.

Friend groups and cliques that click
Shun out others that "just don't fit".
Like these agonizing shoes, these petrifying stares,
Why doesn't it seem like boys have to care?

If you're gay you're "weird",
If you're straight you're "normal"
How does behavior like this classify as normal?
Normal is supposed to be "being yourself"
But when I enter this building, I put myself on a shelf

Shove her to the back of the closet, 
Forget she exsists for a day,
But when I'm ready to take her back down,
To kill the facade and stand up now,
This person who I have become roars.
Tells me I don't have the courage as I sink to the floor.

So if "boys will be boys" 
And girls are "sugar and spice",
Why are girls not nice?
About the Author: ..dae..
- dae -