Oct 28
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 Why is school such a stretch, I have so much homework, so much reading, so much writing, why do teachers do this to us, do they want us to suffer? L.A is easy for me, but math on the other hand I have trouble with, I know 2+2= 4 all that stuff, but fractions what even are those? Who would even create such a thing called math? I can't even look into the sky it's so sunny, But the sky is glistening off the water. I think tomorrow is supposed to rain, ahhhh rainy days, the best weather forecast of all times. The air is so chilled, I feel like the rain refreshes me, my brain, it's like a stress reliever.
 I was right it’s raining so hard that if I ever went outside it would look like i’ve gone swimming. I hope soccer practice still goes on, I love playing soccer in the rain it brings joy to everyone!Well soccer was cancelled considering our whole town is probably flooded  by now. So I decided to go home and my mother and my dogs greeted me when I came to the door. I go upstairs to my room it's a mess per usual, Clothes, books, shoes all over the place.  Before you know it’s already bedtime, and im am so tired I could fall asleep right this second! ( And i'm going to :)) tomorrow hopefully I don't have to go to school and hopefully it’s raining!                            
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