Oct 29
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I see a woman, a baby boy, and a stroller. The baby was crying non stoply. The woman was trying to calm the boy down. I wanted to hold the bag so that she can feed her baby, but I also had somewhere to go; the library. I guess I should ignore her.

“Would you like a receipt?”

“I’m good, thank you.”

I see a man just outside the library who needs help carrying all those DCF books. I recognized the books because I’ve read most of them; BAN This Book, Refugee, and Train I Ride, just to name some few. Anyways I have to go home very early today, my homework is waiting for me. I guess I should ignore him.

“Walk side is on, Walk side is on.”

I see a homeless man holding up a sign. “Anything helps, god bless you.”  I don’t have anything to give, accept for this lunch my mom packed me that I didn’t get to eat at lunch time. But this is special to me I don’t wanna it away. Maybe next time. I guess I should ignore him.

Why is my back wet? I don’t think I have water bottle inside?

Let me check. Oh my god, My pomegranate juice is all over my homework and my newly checked out book. I need help.

That little girl standing next to the bus stop, she has napkins on her hand, maybe she’ll give it to me. What is she waiting for? Can’t she see me? I’m right in front of her. She slowly starts walking, leaving me.  

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