Oct 30
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Winter Feelings

I love winter

I love that everything around us is covered in this beautiful white mush

I love glaring at the sky, willing it to let its most magical possession go

I love watching the clock, witnessing its first ticks and tocks of the most amazing season of the year

I love that you can sometimes only see a few feet ahead of yourself  when the sky gets mad

The sky is mad a lot in the winter

I love playing around with all my friends, jumping around until we cannot feel our feet enough to continue safely

I love coming in and just looking at the amazing mess we just made

I love pelting my friend with my perfectly rounded, half ice, half snow snowballs

I love spending hours and hours building beautiful igloos and forts out of snow and feeling so proud of myself as I look at these giant structures made from the most beautiful, shiny, crumbly, and magical substance in the world

I love dancing around as the flakes fall from the sky and just staring at them, figuring out that none are the same, as if the world would not allow more than one of them because of their immense beauty and shine, only to watch them melt away

There are also things that I hate though

I hate letting these days go by and by

Not using my time well enough

Not sharing my fun enough

Not appreciating this fantastic time of year enough

Not realizing how little time I have left

Until it's all gone

Until the clock ticks it’s last tick

And tocks it’s last tock  

Before the dreaded Spring begins

But it’s ok

Spring will end soon
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