Oct 30
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Basketball Means

Basketball means long, grueling days of playing in the hot sun, watching game tape and trying new moves from your favorite players you’ve just seen on TV. Basketball means fun pickup games with your best friends until the sun goes down. Basketball means focusing on yourself and pushing aside what other people say about you and instead working until you’re better than them. Basketball means teamwork and building character. Basketball means helping people instead of putting them down. Basketball means getting through the tough workout so you can get to the exciting scrimmage at the end of the practice. Basketball means finishing your school work and getting good grades so you can play, because when your a student athlete, STUDENT comes before the athlete part. Basketball means hanging on your pull-up bar for hours in the hope that it somehow makes you taller when your a grown up. Basketball means feeling the push and pull of your emotions while you play and signing NBA contracts so you can buy your parents a house. Basketball means earning minutes for the game by working harder than all of your teammates in practice. Basketball means NO EXCUSES and that’s final. But most importantly, basketball means not giving up until you’ve accomplished your goal, whatever it may be.
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