Oct 31
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My Dearest Friend

    It had been a long time, but now he was here. Snow started falling from the sky, I knew that it was finally time to see my dearest friend again. I look out my window, there is about a foot of snow on the ground. I look over to the cherry blossom tree, a ball started to form five feet in front of it. It was happening! My friend was coming back! I walk away from the window and sat on my bed, I tried holding in my excitement, but I just couldn’t. I ran back over to the window and looked to see my friend is there yet, but I noticed that the snow stopped falling from the sky. My friend wasn’t coming today. My vision began to blur. All I could see was a big blurry white ball by the tree. He was a third of the way there. C’mon Olaf.

    It was seventh period. I sat by the window listening to the substitute trying to teach us a lesson about glaciers. It wasn’t going too good. I felt bad for the guy, he had no clue what he signed up for. The class clown (Alex) mumbled something under his breath, he always finds a way to make us laugh. The other Alex made him repeat it again. When he did the whole class laughed. I laughed so hard my eyes started to tear up.  I saw something falling outside the window, I took a quick look, and I had to take a double take. IT WAS SNOWING. Thank god class was about to end. I looked back at the clock, there was thirty more seconds until class was over. I waited and waited, keeping my eye on the clock the whole time. At five seconds left, I grab my backpack strap in my hand, getting ready to stand up.. RIIINNNGGGGG! I’m coming Olaf! I run through the double doors as fast as I could. I spot my dad’s truck and bolt into it.    We pull into the driveway, the tree is in the backyard. I run inside and upstairs into my room. I look outside the window, and he isn’t there by the tree, there is just this big green circle of grass surrounded by snow. He isn’t there, but then, I see something move in the corner of my eye, I look over to where my mom’s garden beds were, and there he was. My friend. Not my friend, my best friend. He is here…:)
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