Oct 31
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A long time

It had been a long time, but now he was here. He had come back. Back to what we once had it wasn’t some romantic cheesy thing it was just a good old friendship. He and I were close like brother and sister then one day he just wasn’t there.

    We had the first club house in our neighborhood and everyone loved mainly because it was at my gram’s house and everyone knew that if you went over there there would be fresh cookies and lemonade for everyone. And everytime we had cookies and lemonade grandma would say “ I told you not to eat those cookies now you have gone and spoiled your dinner”. But really you could never spoil one of my grandma’s dinners you would just eat so much that you would be sick. But we would get sick together and then we would go to grandma crying and saying that our stomachs hurt.

The clubhouse was our main focus through the summer months always meeting at seven and talking about the lemonade stands and everything else we did to raise money. Our neighborhood was like one big family everyone knew everyone else, and everyone was in each others business. And then there was just the annoying neighbor that no one likes and the always vagant house that someone would move into then leave about a month later.

But when he left I somehow knew that he would be back even if it took several years.