Nov 01
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The Definition of a Crush

CRUSH: noun. Possibly THE most attractive, funny, smart, athletic, talented, best dressed guy to ever walk into your life. He's the reason you get a little dressed up and starts caring about what you wear. He's the reason you look forward to going to school and the reason you dread coming home. Him just saying, "Hi" has the power to to make you feel like you're walking on a bridge made of rainbows, flowers, butterflies, sunshine, glitter, happiness, and everything else good in the world. You feel special when he talks to you. You feel wanted when he smiles at you.
2 (alt. def) noun The worst, soul-sucking, life-ruining, person you'll ever know. He causes that anxious feeling in your stomach. He's the reason you cry yourself to sleep, because you just know that you'll never be good enough, smart enough, dumb enough, pretty enough, popular enough. Maybe you're too fat, too thin, fat in the wrong place, fat in the right place, thin in the wrong place, thin in the right place. But no matter what you do, now matter how hard you try... You. Are. Always. WROOONG!.. At least when it comes to him, you are. All your friends say you should be together and that you should just ask him out already. But you know better than to do that. What if it's nothing like what you've dreamed? And let's be honest, you've dreamed about him. Right when you think, This is it! I'm finally IN... you realize that... That you're not special. That he treats everyone that way. That you're just another girl. But it doesn't matter.... You love him.