Nov 02
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Let's go out on the water tonight
Fire in our hearts, wind in the sails
Let's travel to where we can see for miles
A life of piracy, heart and tall tales
Flying over the ocean at the speed of light
Getting lost on gusts, storms and gails
A world awash in saltwater and starlight
Lips locked on mine, we cannot fail.

What is a home without a father?
A son may never know who he will become
A beautiful wife with no one to love her
Just promise to remember where you come from
While you are loving goddesses
Penelope and Telemachus are all alone
Think of Ithaca, Odysseus
And promise, one day, to return home.

You do not care that a storm is brewing
For if we crash into rocks and ice
If we find ourselves slowly sinking
I would be happy to die by your side
To lose myself in painful drowning
To gasp one last breath, to hear you cry
To live my very last moment with only you
The pleasure, the privilege, is mine. 

The band on deck will play us out
A concert performed for only two
This symphony will be the last we hear
So let us make it worth listening to
A song with no lyrics-- a tune without words
But you can sing along if you so choose
For your voice, I believe, makes everything better
I'd sooner lose myself than lose you.

It is true that we are sinking
But the music is exceptional
Going down not so much in flames
But with a sound so rich and orchestral
A song or two to lull us to sleep
In a cruel and silent world
To help us to forget that we cannot breathe
Everything that makes us mortal.

These things are not supposed to happen
The young are not supposed to die
But tragedies will not disappear if we ignore them
These things happen all the time
Just like weeds grow in the midst of rose gardens
Or dreamers lose their lust for life
We dub them painful accidents
But that word, in itself, is a lie.

A pity for the world that you will no longer be here
You look around and all you see is the sea
I think we are destined to sail forever
Because you are the kind who understands everything
And I would hate for you to suffer
To see hell in the eyes that promised heaven
For you have lost and sacrificed so much
I feel it is time that you won.