Nov 02
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Danger Calls

It had been a long time but now, he was here.

Lightning rained down from the sky, and thunder shattered the quiet night peace. Jupiter roared with power after the long time he he had been gone.  He was back with even more power than before.

“Ali, run run run” was all I could think. I looked back still running for my life, (I mean literally my life).  I looked directly at the White House and saw my fear, Jupiter’s plan was to destroy Washington D.C.! The White House crumbled to pieces as a fire raged up. At the same time I turned forward and I lost focus and ran into the tree.  My knee throbbed and burned, but now I was on the edge of the line in between getting myself in danger, or keeping myself safe. The problem was keeping myself safe would not keep others safe. I raced the other way and charged. Jupiter  was throwing spells into the sky as the lightning bolts kept on pouring down. I dodged as many as I could and kept on going. I actually thought I could do this! Then all of a sudden it all went black.
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