Nov 06
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Las Casas

Explorers who explore,
to conquer and for greed.
For their country's king or queen,
whose intentions aren't exactly
what they seem.

They walk onto the land,
leaving shoe prints on the ground.
Pretending to come in peace
and good faith,
to those all around.
But the minute the Indians
turn their backs, let down their guard,
they are shackled into slaves,
with no hope of being saved.

Though they were selfless,
fair and willing to trade,
they were treated like rabid dogs,
and the shackles never came off.

But there was one man,
Las Casas was his name.
His heart was different from the rest,
for he understood that the Indians
onky killed the Spaniards because 
they were being attacked.

He saw the Indians for the 
people that they were.
Not savages,
not barbarians.
Not dogs,
nor murderers. 
They were men and women
with families and friends
that they cherished. 
The Indians never killed 
for sport, like the whites.