Nov 06

Queen Dorothy - Stereotypical Teenager

"All hail her majesty, the queen!"
Oops, that's me.
God, on this planet they act like I'm a god or something.
I snap my gum and step out into the road.
They are bowing again?
It's better than nothing. 
Besides no one ever did that in Kansas.
That tornado was the best day of my life.
Left behind that stinky old farm and became a queen.
Not bad considering I'm not yet 14.
"Speech! Speech!"
Like, really though?
But I suppose if it makes the Munchkins happy.
I'll just pass a few laws and stuff.
" Um.. Hey everyone!"
Loud cheers
"So.. Here's your speech. I am umm.. creating a new national holiday. Today is national candy day!
Candy for all!"
Loud cheers and celebrating.
I wave to all my subjects as my soldiers pass out candy.
Cool. That means I'll have a giant bowl of candy to eat back at the palace.
Just kick off my comfy shoes and relax.
So glad I tossed those dumb red stilettos.
At least Instagram still works here.
Ciao peeps.