Nov 09
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In my dream I’m running away from all the problems that seem to be chasing me in this awful world. I am running from the death of my friend from the day that my parents went missing and the saddest of them all when I felt lost and alone in the world and still had a baby sister to take care of. All these things that I struggle with and still I put a smile on my face and walk out the door.

Two days ago they came. They came to take my sister and the house that I grew up in all because me. A 17 year girl trying to pay for a house and care for a 5 year with noone to turn to. When they came I held onto my sister because she was the only thing I had left and they just ripped her from my arms as she was screaming and crying. They wanted me too. But I took one last long look at  my little sisters face and in her eyes I could tell that she knew that I had to do this so I ran. I ran to the woods on the edge of town until everything cooled down.

I went back to my old house knowing that they would be back to clean it out and that they would want me all I could think about was what those people were doing to my little sister. I went to my ex’s house and asked for help all he said that he warned me of this and that I should have gotten away from those people sooner. After that I tried to think of any other place that I could go but all I did was try and get away from those awful people.

I rounded the corner and saw the one that we all feared - Big Red, leaning on his car as if he knew I was coming back. I turn and run right into more of those awful people then my sister, I hear an ear piercing scream.