Nov 09
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It Will Get Better

Mika and Leroy had been best friends since they were babies. They did everything together. They were simply inseparable. They shared hundreds of memories that could never be replaced. On their first day of sophomore year at Oakland Union High they walked to school together. They had all of their classes together, except for second period. Mika had Biology and Leroy had Earth Science because he failed freshman year. Mika was a straight A student, she never got anything below a 93. Leroy on the other hand, he was lucky if he got above an 85.

Nobody ever understood why Mika was so close with Leroy. Mika was an outgoing bubbly person who just goes with the flow, and Leroy was mischievous and more stubborn than a mule. They just didn’t seem like the type of people to be such good friends, but they were.

About halfway through sophomore year Mika’s grades started to slip and she stopped showing up to classes. Her long dark brown hair turned blonde. Her once untouched arms and legs were then covered in cuts. She did such an amazing job hiding her sorrow from everyone except Leroy. He could see the pain in her eyes even when she smiled and laughed. Leroy started getting scared for her so he stopped hanging out with Mika, thinking she’d stop and would get better. But she didn’t, it only got worse and worse. Leroy thought about telling Mika’s parents but he assumed they already knew and that they were getting her help. He couldn’t have been anymore wrong.

One Friday afternoon when Leroy got home from school he found a letter on his bed, the window open, and the curtains blowing with the wind. As Leroy read he wasn’t sure what to think.

Dear Leroy,
      I don’t know how I am supposed to say this but I can’t go on living the way I am much longer. I’ve tried everything but nothing works. I know that I am 16 and should be wanting to go out with my friends instead of wanting to be dead. I’m 16 I should be drawing with colored pencils not razors. I’m 16 I should be writing a love letter not a suicide not. You’ve been my only friend through what seems like everything. Don’t feel sad for me, I had a great life before I got ill. You made my life amazing. Everything was always so much fun with you and I wish I could feel the joy of that just one last time, but my time has come so it’s time for me to go now.

                        With lots of love,

A voice in Leroy’s head yells, “You need to stop her! Don’t let her follow through with this! How could you have left her when she was in such a melancholy state? You’re officially the worst friend ever.” Leroy sprints the two blocks to Mika’s house with hope that she hasn’t done anything yet.  Bang, bang, bang Leroy pounds on Mika’s house door but doesn’t wait for a response to barge in. Taking the stairs two at a time to get to Mika’s bedroom he hears the water running in the bathroom. He knocks softly on the door at first and then again with more emphasis. No response either time so he tries to push open the door. It’s jammed with something, unable to be opened. As panic and fear sink in Leroy hears a soft sobbing in Mika’s room. He slowly walks over to her door and eases it open. Pills are scattered all across the floor. Mika is laying on the floor at the foot of her bed with tears rolling down her cheeks. Leroy dives on the floor, softly cradling her like a baby he tells her that everything will be ok, but will it?
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