Nov 09

Lonely Forever

I watch them walk away, they wave a soft goodbye.
Can’t you just stay for another moment I beg.
Took a deep breath in and a quiet sigh.
Wish I could go away to a far off land.
With you, even if it’s for just a few minutes.
Us hand in hand.
However the circumstances are different for me.

My eyes are always filling with tears,
Heart heavy with all the criticizing words.
Can’t you see all my fears?
You’ve gone and left me alone in the dark.
The monsters are coming, coming for me.
I wish I had left something, a mark.
However the circumstances are different now.

Since I’m an open book it leaves nothing to wonder,
You all should have seen me, all should have heard me.
The soft rain pouring down, ears clogging with thunder.
It’s time for me to turn around, and walk away.
To forget the past and wake up from the dream.
Am I ready to move into another day?
However the circumstances are different still.

I no longer can think of you or speak your name.
Just disappear… Just disappear.
Yelling at people isn’t how I want to win the game.
Help me by staying away from all the mess I create.
You walked out and the door locks behind you.
Never coming back, I get it. But I wait.
However the circumstances are different here.

That’s how I know you still care.
I may be alone, yet I’m not sick or poor.
You found a way to stay with me, how? Please share.
Living in the shadows, waiting for me to choke.
Then to help me as soon as I fall.
Still gone though, my heart is still broke.
However the circumstances are different now.