Nov 27
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My special talent

    “This speech taste so good this speaker is very good” said Mike.

    “What did you say”?

    “The speech is good”.

    “Oh I thought that you said it tasted good”.

Poor mike has been forced to hold in his darkest secret since he was at least seven. Nobody knows that he can taste words and hear colors except for his parents and his grandparents have it almost figured out. It has been passed down through generations. It can be good and it can be bad.

The good thing is is that Mike has a different way of interrupting things and he better understands things. Like if he is writing an essay and it tastes nasty then he knows that it is a bad essay but if it tastes good then well the essay is good.

But also his special talent can be bad because he sometimes blurts things out that aren’t good.  And as his parents say “no one can know of this. You will be put in a lab and studied for hours and I might never see you again”.  See Mike has an awful life he has to keep his one special talent hidden from the whole world.