Nov 29
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The Oddest, Most Randomest Day

A: Pandas eat bamboo, Muskrats eat balloons.

B: March is my birthday, it has lots of snow

A:  Sit in some puddles, it feels like lagoons.

B: I do garden work, with a big old hoe

B: Forks and Knives are alike, and then there’s spoons.

C: I have rules, follow them, don’t you dare blow

B: I play bells, and you do sax, it needs tune.

C: Please, I shall ask once, for you NOT to throw!

C: You are a kid, and you aren’t a baboon.

D: Annoying bird, stop crowing, you darn Crow!

C: In night time, tonight, there is a full moon.

D: I have found it, the moon’s shining, bright glow!

    E: I hope you to be happy, please, just once

E: I shall count, once or twice, but wow, great bunce!

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