Nov 30
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  I’m not like most people. I can hear, see, taste, and smell things that not a lot of other people can. When I go to a party, I can see Khalid. You heard that right. I can see songs, I see Kendrick Lamar. Everyone that I’ve told about my “gift” either finds it cool or weird. When I see music it isn’t like a daydream, but more of a illusion. If the DJ starts playing Feelings by Drake, I swear I see him in the crowd out the corner of my eye. Some people call it a gift, some people think of it as a curse. I don’t really know what to think of it. It interests me on how I’m unique but it can also be annoying.
  Songs in malls and stuff can get on my nerves, but when I think about the lyrics, or taste them. I can taste words. Sometimes, depending on the word, it can either taste good or bad. Like the word I tastes like fresh cut grass, it may sound bad, but it actually is soothing. I also can hear colors. I think of or see red, I hear a child laughing hysterically. I see blue, I hear a child crying.
  This “problem” I have can also have its perks. Whenever someone hears a song and wants to know the artist who made it, they play it so I can hear it, I see the artist then tell them. It works every time. Someone asks me if there is a good word to describe something, I tell them whether I get a good or bad taste in my mouth. I like my unique ability, but when I need to block it out, I wear glasses that make everything black and white since I hear nothing for white, black, or grey. I also listen to white noise through headphones or use earplugs. The last I do is I think of good words that give me good tastes. I think of zelp and I taste watermelon, I sat in my room for an hour coming up with words that taste good.

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