Dec 03

speak up

This is all true. It's happening in real time.
Today my school lost a student.
There is no easy way to put the death of a fellow peer, but I can only wonder why it happened.
There is no easy way out of pain.
There is no easy way to reach out and ask for help.
There is no easy way to become a happier person from a cracked shell.
But there are always easy ways to show you care.
A simple smile is all it takes.
A wave in the hallway.
A hand at the shoulder.
A "Hi, how are you today?"
There are millions of ways to help someone 
So, please
Speak up. 
Because if you don't think their hands were quivering, their teeth were chattering, their lips were trembling at the thought of who they were leaving behind than you need to 
It doesn't matter who you are to a person or what connection you have to them. Anything can help.
If you see something you don't like happening to a person you don't stand there and watch like a fool.
You were made with lips for speaking, hands for gesturing, legs for walking and eyes for seeing. 
Lips were not made for

And if someone suffers a major loss, tell me, do you sit there and allow everyone around you to ask those helpful reassuring questions themselves? 
And if you ever feel like this
This urgent need to find out what's beyond this life?
Talk to me. 
Someone out there loves you.
Someone out there wants to wrap you in their arms.
Someone out there is thinking of you as I type, with the tears that dribble down my cheeks. 
Someone out there is offering a hand to you.
And maybe it's because they need yours just as bad.