Dec 06
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A stolen Dance

In a perfect world,
In our past life,
We walked freely on the ground
Sang and danced to our
The words flowed from our mouths
Knowing that the
Source of wisdom
was a gift
Granted because of the
Faith and love
That overflowed
And floated through
The world to
Every creature
Every being,
With respect and kindness to
Because that was what
We believed in
We believed until
They arrived

Until we watched them kill our
And bring guns into
Our homes,
the biggest weapon they carried,
The belief that they were
That the lives of people
Who look
Don’t matter

They destroyed our homes
And changed the futures
Of our kids,
Forced us to turn
Our children from
Happy and free
To those who
Are dragged down by the weight of
Weapons and wars,
Their souls being dragged
Through the mud,
Something that once belonged
To nature herself

But is now dug, and
Sculpted, and
shaped to fit to
The standards of the
Something that has happened to
Everything we hold dear,
Forced into a mold
That we will never

Silenced by their white
And killed everyday by
The greed
And hostility that
Has become our world

All since they arrived
All because the Colonizers
Planted their flag
And decided to destroy
The lives of people
Like us