Dec 07

I am the Girl

I am the smart girl
Who pays attention in class,
And doesn’t speak
Except to answer questions.

I am the dumb girl
Who doesn’t understand
When someone wants her to leave them alone
Or to stay.

I am the quiet girl
Who only talks to one or two people,
And who shifts her eyes
When someone looks her way.

I am the loud girl
With the obnoxious laugh
Who tells too many bad jokes
In failed attempts to make friends.

I am the ignored girl
Who people forget they knew,
Whose friends move on,
And find someone else.

I am the known girl
Who can’t really hide,
Not because I’m special,
But because I’m someone’s sister.

I am the girl
Who is a collage of opposites
Which change direction
Like a sail caught in a storm.

But whatever girl I may be,
I am myself.
And I’m sorry if you don’t like who I am.
I wish that I could change for you.

I wish that I could be likeable.
Be normal.
Not a dork.
But that’s the only person I can be.

And one day I’m not gonna’ feel sorry for that.