Dec 08
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the sound in the night

I shiver as I walk over to the DiMarco's house. They've asked me to babysit their two kids, Roman and Evelyn, while they go out to dinner and a movie. I've babysat the kids before, so I'm not nervous. Evelyn's eight and Roman's six. They are super cute and fun to play with. When I arrive at their house, I knock on the door. Evelyn opens the door and runs into my arms when she sees me. "Hi Ella!" "Hi Ev," I say, laughing as she squeezes me tight. As I unwrap my scarf and take off my coat, Mrs. DiMarco sees me. "Oh, hi Ella. We're so glad you could come." "Me too," I say. "I love babysitting Ev and Roman." "They love you too! As usual, the emergency numbers are on the fridge, I warmed up some lasanga for dinner, and they should be in bed by 8:30," says Mrs. DiMarco. "Oh, and please call me Kylie." "Ok, thank you Kylie. They'll be in good hands, I promise," I tell her. We wave goodbye as they hop in their car and drive away. "Ok guys, who's ready for our Connect Four game before dinner?" I ask. "Me!" Ev and Roman call at the same time. 

After numerous rounds of Connect Four (Ev and Roman destroy me), I ask Ev to help me set the table for dinner. She grabs the glasses and silverware while I bring over plates of lasanga and a bowl of salad. "Roman, bud, time for dinner!" I call. A second later, Roman comes running into the kitchen, carrying his favorite stuffed dinosaur. We sit down and dig in. (Kylie's lasanga is to DIE FOR.) After we've all had our fill, I tell the kids it's time for bed. Roman starts running around, and by the time I catch him, I'm as tired as he is. After I tuck them in, I collapse on the couch. I'm just starting to drift off when I hear a strange noise. I bolt upright and carefully creep around the house. What could it be? I check the washing machine, dryer, sink, but I can't find where the sound came from. I creep down the basement stairs and find that it's the old radiator making all the noise. I exhale a huge sigh of relief.