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How to Make a Unique Power!


    A higher power is giving all 7.6 billion people on Earth the ability to choose a superpower but there’s a catch if any two people have the same power the power doesn’t work. So you need to pick a power that no one else will have how hard could it be. Well unless you want the lamest power ever you should think about this logically. The top 10 most popular powers are super strength, invisibility, telepathy(reading minds), time travel, teleportation, flight, shapeshifting, immortality, x-ray vision, and the ability to control fire. Unless your hell bent on getting one of these you shouldn’t risk going with it even with these tips. I’m gonna go over a few ways you could get around this system to prevent powers.

    For starters math. I know sounds boring but I have to cover it if any two people have the same power it won’t work so what if 3 people possess the power. Or any odd number at all in fact. It would be like every odd number is an off switch whereas every even number is a on button. I mean one is an odd number and two isn’t so would it continue with this pattern? So just find three friends get them to have the same power as you and if it doesn’t work that means that someone else has chosen it in that case just find another person to choose that power as well.

    Now what if that doesn’t work well I have another option. Just have conditions and make them part of the power. For instance; Let’s say you want to be able to move things with your mind, most likely someone will choose that as well, so you should add a condition and make it part of the power so you can only use the power if you wearing a specific shirt or something like that. That way no one would be able to perfectly replicate that specific power the way you have and thus it’s yours to keep.

    However, let’s be real if everyone on earth got powers a lot of terrible people would get them as well so we should have people trained for combat be first priority to get the most powerful abilities and then the people are next. If you give a murderer superpowers they will be able to do more damage not to mention that our prisons wouldn’t work anymore. It’s unfortunately true and this would make everything even more difficult so maybe giving powers to everyone isn’t a good idea.

    Finally the important question, what power would I pick? Well I would probably choose the ability to have superspeed without any of the problems that physics would cause such as me turning to dust from running so fast. Also it would only work if I had wore a specific type of sock that day. Also when I run time dilation would cause me to view the world in slow motion. So I think it would be the most useful power because if someone shoots at me I can just move so fast that the bullet will appear to be still in the air.

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