Dec 14
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I hear the man yell “next” and I take a step forward. Only 5 more people to go before I’m up. I'm about to have the power of my dreams. I can't wait to take the warm weather from Florida and slam them with snowstorms. I’ll then put the warm weather and sunshine in Vermont. I'll be able to take and distribute weather wherever I want.

Don't get me wrong I know winter is a Vermont thing and we do definitely need it… but we could cut it short or have a break from it once in a while. Like wow 3 feet of snow, negative temperatures, wind, ice on roads… we could do without it.

I'll take the weather from all over the world and put it wherever I want. It would be evil on my part but I would also have a lot of fun. I could be warm when I wanted and cold when I needed. I could make those Florida weirdos experience some real cold weather for once not fifty degree weather they think is so cold.
He yells “next” one final time before It’s my turn, I’m shaking so much I can barely stand. What if I make the wrong choice, what if I don't want this… oh no it's my turn. I take one final step forward and the man says one word “ready?” No I'm really not but I say yes because he can read my mind anyways.

My body goes numb and I fall to my knees I thought someone else already chose my power but it was just to strong for my body. My eyes start to close and everything goes black for the last time as a normal human.

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