Dec 17
wondering about rain's picture

slip into the insanity

I thought I saw a two headed dog today
and it still feels like there is sun on my back
where its eyes stared right through me, and
yet even though i’m supposed to come back
down to earth each time I wake up
sometimes it feels like I never do,

so each bath I take I like to make waves
and sometimes it feels like I lose myself
in each wave I make, but the feeling of
watching those waves roll away, curiously
taking me to see where they disappear to
is serene,

same as the way watching the sunset
disappear after creating a brilliant show in
the sky where people have kissed and cried
and even died beneath it, is serene, except
someone always comes in to ask me
to remember things from a long time ago

like that will help the monotonous
splashes of color in my prefrontal cortex
that I never trust to make the right decisions
like, soup or sandwich, coffee or tea,
yes or no, stop or keep on going on to explain
to me how any of that will change the world,
but it never does so I ask again how

remembering the time I sat for days on
a swing set debating why life threw
me in a ditch alone to drag my feet
through the playground mulch,
or how remembering looking out
into an audience of faces only to find
the missing one and realize I didn’t
even care and I was used to it,
will change one thing besides
adding a splash of grey to the
everyday decision to wake up.