Dec 18
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In the minority

I have never been in the minority anywhere. I’ve always fit in and got the best opportunities. Moving to a 10% white student school was different and nerve wracking. I’m not nervous around people of color, I grew up with people of color and don’t really acknowledge that they’re a different race than me. Just not knowing anyone in a new school and being in the minority racially was a little scary. I wasn’t worried that I would get beaten up or anything like that I just am socially awkward and get scared in these types of situations. For once my race would affect how i am treated and how much respect I get.

When I was younger I remember reading about what people of color have had to go through. Slavery, inequality, segregation, growing up in troubled neighborhoods. I respect them for fighting hard enough to get those rights. Yet people of color still get treated a little differently. Most of that is caused by people of my race and my ancestors, i just hope they don’t hate me for that.

Luckily my first day wasn’t that bad a kid named Anthony took me under his wing. He showed me around the school and introduced me to his friend group. They didn’t even seem to care about my race. It has been a year since then and me and Anthony are best friends. I have had a few comments about my race. I don’t mind. I know people of any race in these situations come across a few people like that. For the most part people don’t care that i’m white and i don’t care if they aren’t. I feel like going to a very diverse school will help me in the future and help me except everyone for who they are. Whereas people who are around racists and no diversity might have a hard time with that. All in all I love my situations and I love my friends.

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