Dec 19

550 Words (Inspired By Lou Beach)

“I NEVER GOT THE CHANCE TO SAY GOODBYE,” THE GIRL WHISPERS. The ice shards in her voice shatter the pressing silence. She squeezes her eyes shut, light  leaking from between the lids, cascading down her face. As her spirit slips away I frown. Her skin is peeling, falling; snowflakes or a broken soul on the wind. I watch her hands tremble. Tiny tremors that could destroy everything. The chariot is coming, sparkling in the sunlight. It’s a beautiful mask they hide behind. I want to tell her that it’ll be okay-- I want to tell her many things. Examine her life, memory by memory, until I learn this girl. But I can’t. Not for the others, not for her. No one speaks to the dead.

LISTEN TO THE SILENT CROWD. The screams pound in your ears. Pull your cap down to block them out. Watch the quiet water, it’s ready for you. Put your goggles on to warn it; you’re ready too. The faint smell of chlorine lingers. Take a deep breath. Pull the air into your lungs-- soon you will have to fight for it. Feel the adrenaline and strength coursing in your veins. One more minute before you will let it out. You can taste victory. Nothing stands in your way but you. The whistle blows. You step up, onto the block, and feel the rough texture under yours toes. “Take your mark.” Deep breath. Eyes open. Mind clear. The buzzer sounds just before you launch forward.


550 Words (I MAY have gone over...)

The wind plays with your hair and makes you want to swirl and fly along with it.
It’s the time when there’s a certain off-silence in the air, and a steady hum is in your ear,
composed of that unique orchestra of nature.
As the sun sets, the most true, vibrant colors paint the sky