Dec 19

Sweet One

Always is a word
That tells us how
Memory moves

Up and down

We are who we always were
We have thoughts that 
Never witness the light of day
That never feel 
The warmth
The soft touch of a graphite pencil
Scratching the surface
The tingle
Of faces
Who love

A crackling fire
Pops as distracted people in love
Tell stories
About the winter weather 
That slowed their return
To each other

We are warm
We are who we are
I love
Nearly everything you say
Now I can say everything
That I would write
Because you're here

Sometimes I wonder why
I feel so warm
When you come into view

I look at your eyes 
For all the time it takes 
For the tide to turn

I would search for all the time 
It takes
For the tide to turn again
And again
For you
For me
For us

Never should I have fallen
I can't go back
Lead on
Sweet one
I trust you
I would choose this again
I regret