Dec 28
fiction 0 comments challenge: Kites
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Young Writers, Week 16

Kites use to be just flying in the air, but now, they fight each other mid flight. Many kids are addicted to it. Not as many adults, but still a lot are also addicted. It’s a fun way to spend your time outside. Parents buy kids these types of kites so they’d go outside and enjoy themselves.

    The kites are made out of super advance technology. Many people marvel at the fact that mankind can make such things. There is a controller at the end of the string that you use to control the kites. There are also different types of kites. They each have different attacks. When you buy a kite you get a user's manual. It tells you the special attacks and combos for the certain type of kite you bought. You also start with fifty kite diamonds.

    When you lose a fight you have to give the winner ten of your diamonds. If you win a fight you collect ten diamonds. Your kite also levels up. You can check what level another person's kite is by pointing to that kite with your controller. If you have a higher level kite, then you have to give more diamonds to the winner.

Yes, kites have grown very popular and someday, the whole entire world will be playing them.