Dec 31
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The Jousting Kite Inventor Himself

Once upon a time long long ago there once was an annual competition called "The Kite Games". The inventor of the jousting kite is said to be a very old and wise chinese artist that worked for Emperor Qin Shi Huang (the first emperor of China). He had created some of the most advanced technology of his time, and was considered an asset to the Chinese Empire's military. He got the idea for his jousting kites one day as he was in the local park, on his lunch break when he saw some children flying their kites, he thought to himself that something which is airborne like a kite could be quite effective for the military (as his field of work consisted of largely militarized inventions), then he got his idea. He thought about this idea for weeks, before he started to get to work. He did not want it to be used for the military though, because he had already made so many inventions for them. He wanted this new idea of his to be fun, and for everyone, so after close to 10 months, with hundreds of prototypes, and many failed attempts, his idea became a reality. The first working, jousting kite he built was made of bamboo, silk, and a little bit of terracotta clay. He eventually overtime made hundreds more models, that were customizable as well. As more and more unique jousting kites were made, more people would buy them and battle their friends. Soon enough people started following a standard set of rules in their battles, and there was an annual festival where thousands of people would gather to battle their kites against the best of the best. Losers would usually go home with a broken kite, or a loss in betting money, but the winner would get to meet the inventor himself, Ken Jeong.