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Cue the Beat Drop

My innocent boy

Where have you been

Why do you now stay in the arms of another

One whose beauty is better to you

than the harsh drop of reality

Do you remember

When you could curl up in the warmth of the sun

Shining through your window

And know you would be safe

Because you had your brothers

You had your sisters

You had me and you had love

When did you slip away

To search for it

Though here we were

Holding our hands out

The hands that ache to hold you and comfort you

The hands that are imprinted, that never leave your skin

The smell that stays in your clothes

Of home and family and love

Did you know it would stay there forever?

Did it make you afraid?

Did you turn away because you knew the poisonous water could be hidden

Washed from your clothes and your memory of the night before

Did you lock yourself up in a room filled with smoke

With the comfort that the haze would fade by tomorrow

But I can promise you

My innocent boy

Please know that it will stay

That haze is a blockade between us

And our hands reaching out to you

It burns

But the red marks on our fingers are proof

That we still reach through the impenetrable wall of your locked room

Your crying that you do not stifle in a shoulder

But by wrapping yourself in a cloud

That will soon dissipate

But you do not know

And we cannot tell you

Because each day the bricks are being laid by

Your disconcerting and uncaring gaze

We know behind the wall

You are trapped

My innocent boy

I am trying to hand you the key

The way out

But your eyes are closed and you are blind

Scared of what you may face when you open them and step outside

Do you remember

When you knew love that was not found in a bottle

Or puffed from your mouth

Do you remember when you could cue your beat drop

All by yourself

And have the music play as you danced

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