Jan 04
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The Man Called 70 Degrees

There was a man that I knew.  He was kind and wise.   His name was 70 Degrees.  He was a really good person and he always had a smile,  for everyone he knew.    This is the story of how I met the 70-degree man.   

There was this town in Tuscany, Italy,  it was a small town called Volterra and was known for all of the old relics.  I decided to visit it to see all of the old buildings.  I was staying in a cottage on the east side of Volterra and I was quite comfortable where I was.  One morning I decided to take a walk down the road.  While on my way I saw this homeless man.  He looked hungry and cold.  I tossed a coin into his hat and told him to use it wisely.  He nodded and thanked me.   I continued on my way and walked up and down the village.  Then I came back to where the homeless man was.  In front of him was a man.  The man was tall and old,  he had a long silver beard and a cane. He was talking to the homeless man.  Then his tall figure stooped down and placed a package in front of him.  The package was made of brown paper and tied with a leather string.  The homeless man thanked him quietly and took the package.  The tall man walked away.  On my way past the homeless man, I tossed another coin into his cup.    Then the next day I was going to the market to pick up some bread when I saw this stray cat.  The cat was black and scruffy and as I passed it I pet its little head.  Then I saw the tall man walking behind me.  I turned and he scooped up the cat and hid it in his coat. 
"Is that your cat Sir?" I  asked in wonder.
"No.  He is simply a stray," The man responded sounding old and kind.  I continued on walking and the next time I looked behind me the man was gone.  Now that was strange I thought,  The road is narrow and straight and there aren't any alleys or roads to duck into.  I walked back to my cottage wondering about the man.    Every day I saw something or someone in need, the man was always there.  One day I got the courage to ask him.
"Sir what is your name?" 
"I have no name,  although some call me the 70-degree man" He replied kindly,
"You are so kind to everyone here," 
"I see a person in need and I help them,  that way they can have the life they want.  They can be free," He said "you can do that too.  I see you helping people every day.  Thank you for that." Then he turned waved and walked away.  I never saw the 70-degree man again,  but I will always be inspired by the kindness in his heart.