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Queen Weinberg #2

If you read my last book and you enjoyed it you will absolutely love this one! This book is about… wait I can’t tell you what is gonna happen because then the book won’t be as totally awesome as the first one. So there I was climbing and tumbling down the cruel worlds stupidness as I get a major concussion I still manage to do a backflip P.S I totally nailed it. So when I got to school I saw Queen of apparently our huge giant large and medium at the same time classroom since I have a pretty tough crowd this year I shoved Mrs. Weinberg into the reading boat I screamed “ PIG PILE ON MRS. WEINBERG”. So we all ended up in the boat stuck until the boat broke into like a million pieces I slept on Alex as he was jumping up and down on the stationary swivel chair. As you well know I always fall asleep if I do NOT have my 8:00 am coffee. As I head home I think about queen Weinberg and how unnormal she is but above all, I usually think about my mom because a few nights ago I ran away at 11:00 pm so I really feel bad because when I ran away I also booked a hotel with a charge of 200 ½ bucks a month. So now that I think about it I think I took April fools day a little way too far!! Just to confer I am still at the hotel so do not even think about telling queen Weinberg because she will let her fire-breathing dragon burn my taste buds until it looks like I am wearing lipstick and I  think that I am beautiful just the way I am so please don’t tell queen Weinberg…Attention 2nd graders DON’T tell Mrs. Weinberg about anything crazy you have done in this realm but in life, you can trust her because she really likes to joke around!!! Take it from me because I go and visit her when I can so you are extremely lucky besides to have her as a teacher. P.S she was and still is my favorite teacher

Authors note!!!

I am Cally,

I have a 2-year-old brother and I am a very happy young lady who someday will probably have a soccer career!!! ENJOY A YEAR WITH MRS. WEINBERG because I sure did. ​
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