Jan 04
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Pollution Poem

Pollution its a dreadful thing

When I hear it, my ears ring

Animals are sick

And dying

Just image hearing a little bear crying

Cry for help
Its trapped in a plastic bottle

A poor little duck trying to waddle

Trying to live

Trying to survive

These cute little babies don’t deserve to die
258 million tons of trash in 2014

Just imagine how much now

That hole in the ground

Filling up



Up and away

Ruining our earth today
For all of the problems we have

And then you feel bad

For the thing you did yesterday

That little gum wrapper floats through the air

And you drive away like you don’t care

But you do  

You made a mistake

It makes your heart ache

And now every Green-up Day I’m out there

Giving it my all

Without a stall

Grab it

Bag it

Grab it

Bag it

Till the day is dark

Till the last street your on

Has no mark

Of trash

It's all gone away

Until the next Green-up Day
But almost every night

In my sight

Is a new pile of waste

I walk it down the driveway

Into my garbage it goes  

I think it makes me feel better

Until the next day

The next person

The next time I pick it up

I wanna yell at everyone who litters

Who kills the earth one day at a time
They’re too lazy to hold on to it there's a trash can near

But no there is a trash can here

And there

And everywhere

that's what they do

They litter on the earth

Like it is their trash can

With no doubt

They won’t pout

They do it all the time  

Is it kind?


Is it Helpful?


But they’re successful

At  destroying the earth

The one we live on

Breath on

Eat on  

But they decide to screw  

The earth

That was once brand new  

And who is “They?”
Its everyone

We all kill the earth in our own way

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